Pots On Parade

Jacqui Mair has a new exhibition at the Jack House Gallery as part of the ‘ Art Through Glass’ window starting 1st September through until 1st October 2021. It is called ‘POTS ON PARADE’ a veritable panoply of beautifully decorated pots, pitchers, jugs, jars, vases & vessels in all different shapes and sizes to bring you joy, art, collage, and lots of lovely hand-finished snipped, shaped, pasted paper. Offering a free view of the gallery window or online gives the viewer a chance to see the amazing work without having to enter the gallery space.

There will also be a  WEEKEND WORKSHOP called ‘Jugs and Vases just for you!’ which will give in-person tutoring by the mistress of collage and paper patterning Jacqui Mair.

Ever wanted a jug or a vase that is special to you and never been able to find just the right colour, or the perfect shape and wanted an individual pattern that you fall in love with? Why not come and make your own in paper and create a personal unique vessel that’s your own!

The theme for the weekend workshop is Vessels, and the starting point is domestic vessels – jugs, vases, pots, pitchers – for this collage weekend of printing and painting your own papers to produce a unique jug or vase. With jugs the shapes are endless and designs can be found either in our own homes or on the internet via Pinterest, antique collections, paintings of still lifes? They can be made purely decorative or can tell a story or recall a memory? Your jug or vase can be what you want it to be and it can be used! if you sign up for this course you will be encouraged to research ideas and designs and perhaps bring something in that you’d like to incorporate to make your vessel your own.

This course is suitable for all – beginners to experienced artists wanting to experiment and extend ideas with collage. To book this please contact Rebecca at info@jackhousegallery.co.uk or call 07503152848.

Talking of her work, the local Portsmouth artist said “My colours are bright, strong and the images are graphic. I utilise positive and negative space inspired by the domestic collections around my house. Be it toys, jugs,  birds, fabrics, or furniture they are emotional flags, reminders for belonging to a sense of place. The affection for paper as the starting point runs deep, the papers I paste interact, play, fight, and their surfaces whether five months, five years, or fifty years old must sit seamlessly together.  They are starting points for paintings, there are accidents which are organic and spontaneous. I enjoy the  “what if ’’ the permission to get lost, to explore, transforming, layering and changing one element into another, the sense of the unexpected. A new world starts to exist and it’s exactly that way".

To find out more about Jacqui and the exhibition or about the Jack House Gallery please see below.