Rose Clover

If you have been watching Interior Design Masters recently you will have seen them talk about how independents on the high street have to work twice as hard to draw customers in, to entice them to spend locally instead of online! This matters more than ever because consumers have had to adapt over the last year to mainly shopping online while their favourite shop is physically closed. One way the show mentions wowing customers on the high street and creating a lasting impression is with a dramatic window display, and one business doing just that is Rose Clover.

Having moved from Albert Road to Elm Grove back in 2018, this shop has become a Southsea favourite. Plants have become a huge interior focus over the last 5 years but lockdown especially saw many people turn to plants to lift their mood and enhance their space at home more than ever before. Why? Lots of reasons! Plants are calming, they help balance our moods, filter the air, and are fantastic helpers with mental health. Offering such a wide selection of plants, Rose Clover is a place to be inspired. Having unusual pottery and focusing on lots of unique styles of planters leaves you feeling full of ideas whilst you browse, as well as longing to take a leafy green friend home to look after.

From small plants, traipsing ones, and greenery on a large scale to add dimension to that corner of your living room, there is a plant here for everyone. And if air plants are your thing then Rose Clover definitely has you covered. As well as working with local artists to bring something different to this pink and white store, the shop also stocks a variety of vases, plant pots, books to help with plant care and even accessories to buy the plant lover that has everything. Rose Clover will have you believing that you can be the next green-fingered god or goddess!!

Being stuck indoors for 3 lockdowns has been tough for all of us but we have been able to walk outside, and when all the shops are closed just being able to pass by a well-designed, intricate window makes you feel positive. And that's what the public have thought when they have wandered down Elm Grove and passed by Rose Clover’s window displays. I asked Liz where the ideas came from? Whether that be the fairground swings or the wording on the glass and this is what she said…

“As we've been unable to welcome customers into our Elm Grove Jungle, we wanted to make the most of the shop front and have a bit of fun with the window displays. The last year has been tough for everyone and whilst we've been adapting and evolving behind the scenes, we wanted to lift people's spirits and add some hope and joy into people's daily walks.

The idea behind the Christmas window came when Kelly and I found the vintage fairground swings at a market and we knew they were bonkers but we instantly wanted them. The response was so uplifting and positive, the ideas grew from there.

This year we have focused on collaborating with local artists, starting with Angela Chick 'Love is in the air plants' window and cards, the Fark LOVE pots, and last week we launched the Roo Abrook vases.

We are so grateful to our customers too! We've loved our socially distant doorstep chats when we've been out doing deliveries and we think plants have really helped people get through the last year. We've spent so much time in our homes, adding a bit of greenery to our living spaces can make such a difference when you're working from home and plants make people happy."

I couldn't agree more and the fact that we have the joy of the window displays, as well as the products inside, means we are in for a treat when Rose Clover opens its doors soon! You can order plants from Rose Clover online and get them delivered locally to your door. So if you are after a Spring focus for your interiors, or a leafy friend to cheer you up, go and have a browse at their online store!

Check out Rose Clover for visual love on Instagram and check out the website below.