Secret Coffee

Have you seen a new Instagram account called Secret Coffee which is based in Southsea? I noticed this and my curiosity got the better of me and I contacted them to find out more.

The fact we have a growing collection of incredible coffee shops, coffee enthusiasts, and coffee roasters on our doorstep means something of this nature was bound to happen but I am thrilled it is happening right here in the heart of Southsea!

I don’t know the identity of the Secret Coffee club only that they are being very kind in dropping free art around the city for us to grab and enjoy!

Hello Secret Coffee can you please tell me about who you are? 

Secret Coffee has very humble origins; a small collective of coffee-loving artists (and in the case of one, a coffee-hating artist who was persuaded to try it one more time, and now loves their single-shot cappuccino).
One of the artists was very luckily given a commercial coffee machine, and the coffee club began. What started informally as a ‘hey come have a coffee from my machine’ is now a members only coffee venue and art meet-up.
But, we have outgrown these roots and we need to be repotted so other people can enjoy the best coffee, and the best art. So the Secret Coffee brand was launched. We are in the process of securing and launching a unique coffee and art venue, open to the public.

Why have you set up Secret Coffee?

We set up Secret Coffee UK because what we have created is amazing, and we want to share it with Southsea and beyond.

Are you a huge coffee drinker? 

Between us, we consume a lot, and we know what it takes to create the best coffee.

What makes a good coffee? 

What makes a good coffee is more than the beans in the blend; it’s the love and attention put into each cup, and the environment where it is consumed. It is more ‘who’ makes a good coffee, and that’s us.

Why Coffee and Art?

Coffee and art because that’s who we are. Art gets us out of bed in the morning, the coffee stops us from getting back in it.

What is the deal with the secret art drop? and is it always associated with coffee?

Appreciating art and appreciating coffee shouldn’t be influenced by the label. We drop the art in secret, if people love it for what it is, then they can take it and enjoy it. Or They can leave it to be enjoyed by others. Our art drops are always driven by our shared passion for art and coffee. We certainly do not do a drop without having a coffee first.

Do you think there is a coffee revolution happening in the UK?

I don’t know if there is a coffee revolution happening more broadly, but we are certainly going to redefine what people think a coffee shop should be.

People need only follow our social media, we will be dropping crumbs; we are the best kept secret.

Look out on socials for more info and growth from the Secret Coffee gang! Are you just as intrigued to know who they are as much as me?