Sophie Cuts

Sophie Cuts is an inspiration from a local creative who upcycles furniture to make it look beautiful (imagine a mid-century piece transformed), has a wonderful eye for design and just knows how to use pops of colour tastefully to make your home look amazing. Running @ bourjoisbiscuit Instagram which offers daily interior design inspiration and a following of over 17K  allows Sophie to be creative 24/7. The idea behind Sophie Cuts is to create bright coloured fun and vibrant pieces that make you look twice, that once framed and hung will make for interesting modern art in people’s homes.

Catching up with Sophie at the start of the exhibition on the 1st August we talked about where the ideas came from.

How did you first get into Collage Art?

“I first got into analogue collage art when I was at school. Loving the idea of creating something completely original out of odds and ends that I had lying around at home inspired me. I would have a go at it every now and then but never really had the time to focus on it properly. Then lockdown happened.  There are five of us in our house, I’m not very good at relaxing and always need to be doing something. Knowing I was going to need a little project to keep me sane that was separate from working and looking after the kids and that I could do from home felt so appealing to me, so I got stuck in."

What materials do you like to use?  

“I dug out old magazines, ordered some backing card and paper and started cutting. Sometimes I would get up really early and sit for hours doing it. Piecing random items and objects together to create something new. I usually start with one or two key pieces that I have cut out that have something about them and build from there and often don’t know how a piece will turn out until it’s finished. There’s something about getting totally stuck into a creative project that has a way of stopping you from thinking about anything else. So it’s a really great way of chilling out."  

Your exhibition where is it being held?  

“I am really chuffed to have some of my work being exhibited at the Coastguard Studio for three weeks from Friday 1st of August.  It’s a great opportunity that I am really grateful for and I really hope people will enjoy seeing it. I also hope it might encourage people to have a go, you don’t need any fancy expensive products to do it, just a pair of scissors, some glue, old magazines, and an eye to look at things from a different angle!"  

What’s on the horizon for Sophie Cuts?  

“Throughout lockdown, I ran some interactive Instagram lives and talked about the process of analogue collaging and got people to choose how they would like the art to turn out.  It was great and I had some lovely feedback with some people that as a result had started doing their own daily collages.  In the future, I’d love to host some workshops for people to come and have a go themselves.   I also run an interior and upcycling account @bourjoisbiscuit  I have been upcycling vintage and retro furniture for some years now, mostly focussed on mid-century and art deco styles. I am also pretty enthusiastic about the fact that an interesting home doesn’t need to cost the earth and can be accessible to everyone, so share my top tips and bargain finds there too!"  

Go check out Sophie’s exhibition on at the Coastguard Studio this wknd which is on for 3 weeks. Now the Summer is here, eateries and bars are open and it has been lovely to see James and his team at the Coastguard turn his event space into a wonderful Summer setting. Allowing guests to sit on the new terrace (with great social distance), order drinks, and potter around the exhibition space. Collaborating with the Southsea Deli and providing grazing platters means the Coastguard Studio is the place to be this Summer so get yourselves down. Open Friday/Saturday 12-7 and Sunday 12-5 See you there!  

Find out more about Sophie’s accounts here  


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By Louise O’Brien