Southsea Snapper Exhibition

Over the last year, I have loved seeing how Southsea Snapper has grown and captured the hearts of the community. Interviewing him last year during a 3rd lockdown I felt it was important to share how his love of photography and supporting the small business really uplifted the community during some very difficult times.

Fast forward to now and not only has the Southsea Snapper account grown in 2 years to almost 6K followers but he has become a familiar presence in the independent scene. Spending his spare time photographing what businesses are up to, and of course some of the iconic buildings we have here, it has been nice to see him develop and expand his popularity across the city.

Being a huge fan of Broadway Coffee Roasters right from its first opening, the Southsea Snapper felt this little spot was a perfect place to have his first exhibition. I asked him why he wanted to do an exhibition and he said “I felt that this was a natural progression from what I have been doing for the past 2 years. I started taking photos in 2020 during lockdown and really enjoyed sharing places we couldn't necessarily visit. People really resonated with my work and the style of my photos and it all escalated from there. I feel Southsea is a great place to live and I love to support local businesses, artists, and projects that make our community special."

Asking about the ever-growing Instagram account he said “A lot of times I take pictures and post them and they can be a temporary moment where I have captured something as it happens like a new business opening, a new street art piece or a local event that might happen for one evening but this exhibition is something that captures longevity and I like that!"

I popped along to view the exhibition which offers pictures of places we all know and love. From the Southsea sign we all recognise, to the clock tower on Castle Road, there is a colour tone to them which means you could buy more than one and hang together.

Look out for more images from The Southsea Snapper and also look out for the online store he is going to create where you will be able to buy prints of his work! This exhibition is on at the Broadway Coffee Roasters until the end of March.