Summer Patio Ideas

The great thing about living by the sea and the fact that we live in a micro-climate is that our outside spaces can have the wow factor plus we can grow some amazing plants. I used to rent a place that had a 34-year-old lemon tree that produced the best lemons ever! Having just bought another one for my new patch I am hoping for as much success.

Southsea is an area that is famous for little garden space and none of us care about that much as we can walk 10 minutes and be on the common whether that be the stretch up near the South Parade Pier with the wonderful palm trees or right down at Pembroke Road.

We do however still love a space to unwind and sit out, and even if you have a balcony space this can still be cleverly designed to make use of every inch so you can feel great about being outdoors at home.

Rattan is still a huge focus whether that be inside or on your patio and adding greenery and colours will give it that urban feel.

I recently bought an old rattan set off Facebook Marketplace and gave a chair away then created a cosy corner where the sun sits from around 2pm until about 7pm. It isn’t new but it has the vintage vibe that is very popular at the moment. I love it and it creates zones for me.

I like to think of my outside space pretty much the same as inside where you can zone areas for certain tasks. Eating in one space and sitting in another where you can lounge, sunbathe and chill.

Having a small patio or balcony you can use the walls for plants to keep the floor space clear and then add the furniture to adapt to the dimensions of your outdoor zone. If the space is very tight you will have to be creative and have eating and lounging in one area¬† but that’s fine and will defintely look the part by adding lots of accessories.

Ikea is always good for cushions and wall plant hangers but if you want to stay independent then check out Mellow Monday on Marmion Road. Dusty Bird is just fabulous at finding anything and everything so if you wanted any old rattan furniture then she could look to source for you. Coastal Remedy sell lovely oils to burn and create that atmosphere as well as great blankets to cover up at night if you feel cold. If you haven’t already then check out Rose Clover for really well made plant pots in all different sizes!

Adding an outside rug can instantly lift a dull looking floor and who knew how easy it is to have fake grass that doesn’t need mowing or spraying with weed killer. Whatever space you have and want to enjoy don’t forget about those lovely tweeting birds and try adding a feeder for them. By adding bee friendly flowers and foliage you are helping these little characters thrive. So think about lavender which looks and smells amazing and also flowers like Cosmos will pretty much flower until October if you keep deheading! Revive Interiors¬† on Castle Road sell bee bombs which is a bag of wild flowers that are all bee friendly and look great in a pot. Last but not least add lighting as it always adds to the ambience.

Enjoy your Summer spot and here is a list of Summer drink recipes to try and enjoy!

Main Feature photo by Emily Henderson

Other photos via Pinterest