Tabby Firefly

When Tech Round highlighted local indie brand Tabby Firefly as a sustainable company to watch in 2022, I thought that I needed to share this fab start-up that practically happened during lockdown. Lou Lea works for a marketing company during the day and is a person that I got to know when I first arrived on Pompey island. Lou knew all the local things happening because she was always doing something creative and we became friends. Always being a person who was busy meant that the pandemic was hard having to be stuck indoors so during her spare time with nowhere to go in the evenings, Lou created 2 independent brands and used all her creative skills to help her get through the 2 years of change we have all experienced.

The result has been a clever clothing brand that focuses on being carbon neutral with great slogan Tee's that are sustainable. Every one of Tabby Firefly items are made to order, reducing so much waste and tons of clothes ending up on a landfill site. All Tabby Firefly clothes are made using natural organic fibres and are 100% certified organic cotton that can be sent back for recycling at the end of their life. When you have finished wearing one of these garments you can send back for that material to be used again to make more items and so the circle of the process is always in favour of the environment and not the profit of a big organisation.

Chatting to Lou she said “I don't just consider myself someone who just sells t-shirts, this is a boutique store that sells all kinds of apparel from hoodies, vests, to t-shirts and sweatshirts. I have always loved fashion and spend time creating clothing that I think will last as well as be a sustainable choice."

What I love about Tabby Firefly is that it also sells prints and wall art that is eye-catching and on-trend. The fact that this range of products is very reasonably priced is also a huge selling point. One of my favourite prints is 'Shine On' and is only £20 for an A3 size. I really think this brand has got scope to keep growing and expanding to sell all kinds of things. So my advice is to get on board now and help make a local independent business shine.

You can catch Tabby Firefly across the city where she brings her art and prints to buy as part of her other side love which is The Mildred Trouble Shop where you can buy wonderful earrings and jewellery for great prices but with ultimate style! If you need more tips on sustainability, I highly recommend reading Lou's blog which offers great tips from storing clothes to washing them and utilising the wardrobe you already have. Have a read here.

Favourite pieces I need in my life are

Shine On Sweat £35

Like Gold Dust Tee £21

Meadows, Campfires and Coffee £20 

Have a read more about Tabby Firefly below.