The Grape Slayer

So, the story begins back in the olden days before this nawty covid fella got lairy, when a much needed natty lovers gang in Southsea was evolving & in it’s infancy. Grape Slayers were flocking to Southsea Wine Siren tasting events to satiate their natty appetites & learn more about raw wine with no additives or preservatives & made with minimal intervention. The real stuff, the raw stuff…the good stuff.

The people of Southsea were seeking authenticity & integrity- they’re a smart bunch, all concerned with the planet and what they’re putting in their bodies & that… The people wanted wine that hadn’t been messed around with like the mainstream stuff…wine that fit their lifestyle, ethics & general open-minded awesomeness.  

But accessibility was cruely restricted (and so suddenly) by orders to lockdown and so, berefet of their new favourite habit, I began bespoke palate matching and supplying natural wine to meet the demands of the thirsty grape slayers. Like a boozy tinder genius or a natty pimp daddy. And so this very e-commerce platform was born…

…Launched to satiate your natty appetites & bring you the very best of the raw stuff: Wine with no additives or preservatives & made with minimal intervention. 

You might be thinking, ‘Isn’t all wine natural?’ Oh hell No. Over 70 additives can end up in your bottle without legally having to appear on the label & there is potential for manipulation at every stage of the winemaking process. 

The majority of supermarket wines are mummified, generic & bulked out. Natural wine means minimal intervention & unprocessed: Better for you, better for the environment & made in small batches by real people. Natural wine makers are spearheading a return to land caring, holistic, mindful farming. The wines are the most authentic representation of varietal, terroir & winemaker- a lush little love triangle of delicious. 

Yes, there will be some crazy flavours & mad textures… these wines are made by punk-ass creative’s as neckable art & they’re fun as hell! It’s all about identifying what turns YOU on!  

I’ll guide you on your natty adventure full ayahuasca guru style…from first toe dip to full-on funk festmouth explosion. Maybe we’ll start a cult?

Have a perve at the online bottle shop:

For updates, events & new bottle drops @southsea_wine_siren

You are a Rockstar (but you probably knew that already)

By holding space for the Grape Slayers wine club & Raw Botties you’re supporting small producers, independent importers, natural farming & pure earth turning creativity…so your wine habit is basically a virtue. You’re a planet-saving hero with impeccable taste. Well done, feel good about that & mouth the word legend to yourself tonight in the bathroom mirror. Maybe even a little wink because smart people are dead sexy.

Photo Credit – Billie Rae Photography

By Laura – Marie