The Makers Guild

Having a creative community maker space is a vision that three guys decided they wanted to make happen right here in the heart of Portsmouth and right in the heart of the Guildhall. They found a space that could be utilised to build studio workstations for makers; where they could access tools and machinery and exhibit and display their work. They would offer a flexible desk workspace that would appeal to designers, artists and makers, hobbyists and the local community.

Those three guys are Ming 26, Sam 31 and Gav 53. They saw their own personal skills and experience as a way of coming together and providing a place for themselves to work but also share and provide a space for other creatives. Sam trained as an interior designer and went on to do product design. Gav trained as an art teacher and is an artist himself. Ming did a masters of research in technology and likes to call himself an Industrial Designer. Sam and Gav like to call him ‘the inventor’ which is not a bad nickname to have!

Spending the morning there, you could really notice good banter amongst the founders of this venture and business people who were working there creating their products.

This space needed to have a relaxed atmosphere and appeal to a wide range of people. The Makers Guild offers an ethos of collaboration. They will help you every step of the way with your design ideas right through to how to achieve building your design and promoting it to sell, if that is what you require.

Having a tour around there are lots of different zones. The first zone is the hot desk workstations where companies and individuals can hire the space for a day or on a membership scheme. This is where designs can take place from concept then you can transfer that to the large room which is set up with woodworking stations and a 3D printer. There is a metalwork section and at the back, there are two workstation benches set up for jewellery making.

On the tour I saw Small Robot Company who were in the process of making agricultural robots which is the future in the farming world. It was very interesting to meet all different kinds of makers.

At the back is a storage area where wood and materials are stored. Further along is a studio space which is going to be a photographic studio. This will be used for product designers to take photos of their prototypes and builds and it will also be used for photo workshops.

To have such an innovative space on our doorstep really does put Portsmouth on the map. The Maker’s Guild will develop workshops that will be great for the local community by offering tailored creative engagement sessions and will be available for anyone to take part in. Offering Meet and Make Wednesdays from 5 pm gives everyone a chance to get involved. This allows people to improve skills, confidence and wellbeing and network with like-minded people.

The Southsea Folk team are going to go back to see if we can actually make something and may get to show you some pictures!

You can contact the Makers Guild and hire space on a day pass, on a full access membership or hot-desking as well as the community workshops that will be offered to the public. You can visit The Makers Guild here and follow them via Social Media.