Natural Treatment Room

Holistic Valentines Treat

I heard about The Natural Therapy Room when Ed from The Southsea Abode did my hair. Ed and Louise are friends and he promotes her in his salon. He was singing her praises, and her prices seemed so reasonable, I thought I would give her a try (plus I was mega stressed and desperately in need of some R&R). I booked myself in for reflexology at 4pm on Sunday afternoon. Louise’s treatment room is at the back of Robert Pike’s chiropody practice on Elm Grove. She has a couple of signs in the window but if you blinked you’d miss them so her services are a kind of word of mouth/secret squirrel set-up. I felt instantly relaxed when Louise greeted me. She’s uber geordie and has a lovely warm, relaxed personality. I’d zoomed in stressed from life, a few minutes late from road rage/parking issues but I instantly started so relax when Louise took me into her tranquil room (by now you’re beginning to realise my natural state is far from zen). The lights were dim, relaxing music was playing, the bed was super comfortable… and warm. Yes, that’s right, the bed was warm. Heaven! My feet were like blocks of ice (because for some reason I’d worn my Adidas sliders on a bitterly cold February day) but they soon started to get warm and toasty with a lavender hot foot cleanse. I was also given a lavender eye mask that really helped me settle down and relax.

Reflexology is a complementary health therapy based on the theory that different points on the feet correspond with different areas of the body. I could really feel tight points and Louise explained which areas they related too which made total sense; sinuses were tight because I was just getting over a cold and she picked up on shoulder pain I’d been experiencing too. While it was so relaxing (for a whole hour – bliss!) it was also serving to release the blockages and toxins in my body. At the end of my treatment I was advised to drink lots of water and warned that I may not feel 100% the next day and may experience some side effects as my body healed and rid itself of the toxins. Louise also educated me by recommending a vitamin to take at night to promote balance, it’s called Magnesium OK.

I would highly recommend Louise’s services, she really knows her stuff. She also offers hot stone massages, Indian Head massage and facials. She likes to promote an offer every month and for February she has a Valentines offer; start with a hot foot cleanse using rose essential oil, then hot stones on the feet, followed by a hot stone back massage using a rose oil blend. The treatment is finished with a mini facial which includes a face, neck and shoulder massage. 75 minutes of pure luxury for just £35. Treat someone you love, hint to someone who loves you or treat yourself…

The Natural Therapy Room (101 Elm Grove)

Louise Mayberry 07709 695 818.

By Helen Ruff