5 Go To Book Gifts

5 Go-To Book Gifts

With Christmas quickly approaching, it can be intimidating to choose a present for the book lover in your life. But fear not, this gift guide will give you 5 brilliant book ideas to put a smile on someone’s face.

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse

● This is my go-to gift for just about anyone, whether they like reading or not. It’s a beautiful collection of artwork accompanied by heartfelt messages of motivation, love and friendship suitable for all ages. I’ve given this as a gift on multiple occasions and it has always been well-received. And if you think they may have it already, an animated accompaniment has been released alongside the recent movie which seems to be just as beautiful and just as wholesome as the first book.

Poetry Collections

● There are hundreds of gorgeous poetry collections out there and certainly a perfect collection for your friend or loved one. I particularly love the ‘Poems for Every Night of the Year’ style collections that provide a short poem for every day or night of the year – it’s the gift that keeps giving and you’re guaranteed to like at least one poem. Not to mention the covers are beautiful pieces of art that are a gift within themself.


● Though targeted at older teens and young adults, this comic-style queer love story is the perfect quick and light-hearted read for any romance fan. You can’t help but get swept into the story. With the popularity of the Netflix TV series, this is a series that has been on many peoples’ wish lists recently. There’s even a colouring book version for those creative pals. Please note that it does contain swearing so worth flicking through before giving to any younger children.


● A National Book Token gift card can be used almost anywhere that sells books; independent stores and chains alike. There is a range of cute physical cards available, as well as a digital option for the book lover in your life that you may not get a chance to see over the festive period. Or go directly to a bookstore, almost all will offer some version of gift cards or vouchers, including the fantastic local indie shop Pigeon Books.

Ask for Help

● This may sound counterintuitive for a gift – but hear me out. Most bookworms will have a list of books they want on hand at any given moment and will definitely appreciate getting a book that won’t be a double and will be a title they’ve been wanting! Even if you don’t want to ask the person you’re buying for, then ask the bookseller. The staff down at Pigeon Books are brilliant at helping you track down niche books and have patiently searched through catalogues plenty of times when I’ve asked for books with obscure and random themes. If you want to get a book on a specific topic or with a certain buzz then don’t be afraid to ask for help from the professionals.

All these items are available from Amazon or Waterstones. You can also pop into Pigeon Books on Albert Road who, I’m sure, would be happy to help you in your present-hunting quest. If you want more bookish recommendations between Southsea Folk posts, then follow me on Instagram @proseamongstthorns.


By Amy Thomson