Fatclay Pottery

Matt from Fatclay Pottery is based down at the creative hub that is Ankle Deep Studios. I went along to try my hand at pottery and find out more about the potter and the ideas he has around clay. I actually thought I would be clumsy and rubbish, throwing clay across the room but I actually got the hang of it with Matt's help and produced a half-decent pot!

Chatting to Matt he said that he first got into pottery at art school where he was training to be an Industrial Designer. Combining his artistic skills in design and a mixture of different disciplines allows this role to try many mediums. He then found himself drawn back to pottery in the lockdown year of 2020, as like lots of people, he wanted to do something creative away from work and started training to use the wheel in pottery. A real love for clay developed and Matt hasn't looked back since.

Fatclay is a pottery studio located in the Historic Dockyard at Old Portsmouth. All of Matt's work is thrown by hand on the potter’s wheel and fired twice to stoneware. All the work created is functional and can be enjoyed in the kitchen or around the house. Having worked in the creative industry for over 20 years working in different cities, Matt decided to make Southsea his home and dedicate his time developing his skills, creating work and teaching. He also helps to run the Makers Guild Pottery Studio which is a space run for the community.

The thing I love about Fatclay is the time dedicated to creating the collections he makes. Matt said he can spend 10 hours at the potter's wheel and it doesn't feel like work. He said it is such a good therapeutic thing to learn and practise. Once you have got the skills and basics right you will really enjoy the process of throwing clay around on the pottery wheel.

He started out making 3 pots as a gift and had such a cool response that he decided to set up a shop called BoobieBu which is where all the pots have boobs on them. At the time Matt said “Everyone wanted a Boobie pot or mug and I still hold workshops where groups come to make one and have a bit of fun!

Fatclay was something I experimented on away from 'BoobieBu' and it was nice to find something away from my day job that I really loved. I was asked to run a few workshops for the Makers Guild and ended up teaching all the time there which has been great as I love teaching. Most people come into the workshop with a mindset of “I can't do pottery" and the most satisfying thing for me is seeing them leave the workshop with pieces of work in their hands and then wanting to do more."

Join the ceramicist and Fatclay this wknd as he is doing a demo and showcasing his work this Saturday at the Corner Collective. Demonstrating from 2pm until 4pm gives a chance to meet Matt and see the work he creates as well as look at some of his pottery he makes. I love his style and think he has a knack for drawing you into his pottery world.

Find out more about the ceramicist below and have a look at his website to book a pottery class. January is always a month of trying new things and you could get cosy down at the studio and join a class with a friend!

To book group bookings for birthdays and adventures with friends contact Matt for details on this.