Art Round Up

This month sees quite a lot of art things happening locally whether that be in Southsea, Old Portsmouth or even off the island and across at Gosport.

September 11th Until 19th – Charlotte Brisland – Exhibition – Yellow Edge Gallery – Gosport.

Charlotte is a resident at the Art Space studios in Portsmouth and has exhibited all across the UK. The Yellow Edge Gallery describes her work “Charlotte’s paintings are both familiar and distant, with the spaces overlapped by the past and present. There is a sense of narrative within the painterly description of the image, which creates a tension that transcends the figurative content. A single building in space, lit from without and concealing what is within is no literal object in this work. What is hidden remains so; nothing and nobody emerges. The scenes promise human presence and permanently banishes it. Familiarity is omnipresent while the absence of so many possible elements is comparable to a stage, paused and vacant."

1st September until 1st October – Exhibition Pots On Parade – Jack House Gallery – Old Portsmouth

Jack House Gallery has a new ‘Arts Through Glass’ exhibition ‘POTS ON PARADE’ a veritable panoply of beautifully decorated pots, pitchers, jugs, jars, vases & vessels in all different shapes and sizes to bring you joy, art, collage, and lots of lovely hand-finished snipped, shaped, pasted paper. Offering a free view of the gallery window or online gives the viewer a chance to see the amazing work without having to enter the gallery space. Read more about it here.

18th September – The Grateful Arts Club – Exhibition St Margaret’s Church – Southsea 10am-4pm

The Grateful Hearts Club has chosen to celebrate ‘World Gratitude Day’ this year by bringing a 10 week project to a close with an art exhibition. Collaborating with artists, designers and creatives of Portsmouth will give the visitor a chance to see all the hard work as well as the art involved in the project brought to life on this day. One not to miss! Read more about it here.

Over 30 pieces of art by local youth (Motiv8 community) and local artists including

Fark FK, Soak, Roo Abrook, Alice Coffey, Jen Sanchez, When We Were Cows, Karl Bailey, David Tuckwell amongst others.

Live entertainment from Unmade Radio and Manic stage Productions

Speeches and poetry readings

Bike raffle

Gratitude tree


Face painting

Seasonal veg stall from Diggin’ Roots

Solitude candles – with a bespoke candle to celebrate the day available to purchase

Refreshments, including brownies

Rainbow child tie-dye

Southsea Macrame

Wild City Portsmouth

Live art

17th/18th/19th September Interactive Weaves – Alice Hume – Exhibition Round Tower – Old Portsmouth

An opportunity to see the final outcomes of Interactive Weaves exhibited together for the very first time. Explore the journey of this project and hear the stories of those involved through film, photography, and painted artworks. Free admission with the opportunity to join artist and curator tours and access a tutorial on how to make your own plant weave. Read more about it here.


24th/25th/26th September – Lipstick Traces – Roo Abrook and Winnie May – Exhibition Round Tower – Old Portsmouth

An explosive exhibition where two incredible artists renowned for their past use of women’s faces come together in collaboration using a post-punk style art with unique pieces to draw you into their world. Expect to be wowed by the new style of art from these two ladies.

Fri – 5pm-7pm

Sat -Sun 10am -4pm opening.

Now until 10th October – Clay, Paper, Scissors – Exhibition Aspex Gallery – Gunwharf Quays 

Aspex presents Clay Paper Scissors, a celebratory 40th-anniversary craft show, featuring a collection of works from three artists they have been lucky enough to work with since the relocation to The Vulcan Building 15 years ago.