Autumn Balance

To me, September is a bonus month.


Well for a start it is sunny, warm, and feels like Summer wants to stick around for a while longer and I love that. It’s confusing though. I want to sit outside with a nice cold beer and the sun is going down much earlier (about 7.30pm) just as I’m settling in for a long evening in the garden! Having this bonus month is wonderful as we change seasons and you just have to enjoy the warm daytimes and embrace the Autumn times to come as we all start asking, “Is it getting a bit chilly now?”

Having those bonus warm days means we can enjoy the various street closures that have happened over the last few weeks. Seeing tables outside offering more ventilated spaces to sit and (responsibly) socialise, it still feels like you could be abroad even if it’s not 30 degrees anymore. Palmerston Road offering so much outdoor seating is brilliant right now, as is Castle Road with the eateries along that stretch.

Life still doesn’t feel normal (will we ever get that again?) but it does feel better. It’s a blessing being able to walk freely around Southsea and eat out at your favourite places as well as shop at those small independents face-to-face again. What has been even more encouraging is seeing new businesses open, even in these times. Look out for The Steam Room opening on Elm Grove this week with a cool industrial vibe; concrete walls mixed with brick and industrial lighting. Care has been taken on the interior design along with decent coffee and good food being served all day.

Elm Grove is developing into another nice independent stretch with a bustling food vibe. From Chinese supermarkets to the Southsea Deli, Bread Addiction, Huis and now The Steam Room, you can get such a food fix on this road! And not just restaurants. From one side visiting the Mediterranean for fresh ginger and herbs to getting your tomato fix from the deli and then amazing sourdough from Bread Addiction, you can certainly find top-quality ingredients: Not to mention The Package Free larder offering dried foods and plastic-free alternatives. To think in Victorian times this whole road used to be the main high street, it is lovely to see it all come alive again with independents! 

Enjoy what is left of Summer, enjoy this bonus month of Summer and look out for our wellbeing posts coming soon. There is a worldwide celebration of wellbeing and wellness on the 20th September and we’ll be joining in to offer you tips on relaxing, coping with COVID stress, and ways to boost your health over Autumn.

By Louise O’Brien