I swung by the Coastguard last week to take in the latest CAPUG pop up and came away inspired, invigorated and deeply thankful to live in such a creative place as Southsea, with so many exceptionally talented artists.

Pitching itself as an innovative platform for emerging artists, the Contemporary Art Pop Up Gallery concept that is CAPUG offers a non-traditional setting to promote the creation, appreciation and enjoyment of visual art to a wider audience, and it certainly achieved it! Doors opened at 7 pm and when I rocked up at around 8 the bar was already 2 people deep and the vibe was energetic and inclusive.

The Coastguard was the perfect venue selection for the evening, displaying work throughout both rooms encouraged a natural circulation, so crowds didn’t become stagnant while remaining intimate enough to engender natural conversations between appreciators; a community united by their love of art.

30 emerging local artists showcased their work using all manner of media- from 3D installation to glasswork to sculpture to textile to print to paint and more- a diverse and inspiring collection, all the more special because the majority of the artists themselves were on-site to engage with visitors. As a keen art lover, I find it fascinating to reconcile work with its creator as it takes on a whole other dimension to me which is both revealing and inspiring.

One of my personal highlights was a suburb sculpture titled ‘Connectedness’ by Bear Metal Industries: ‘A metallic sculpture that abbreviates truth, the involuntary flow of the earth and its inhabitants.’ Displaying the most captivating oxidised colours and textures, the piece almost took on the form of a coral reef when viewed from above and I loved the multidimensionality of it.

@Malignant_Art’s ‘This is Hell’ cube also caught my eye…influenced by a love of punk DIY and a fascination of religious art and graphic kitsch, Mike’s work had an aesthetic that drew me to it with a smile on my face and I can’t imagine the collection will hang around for long given the exceptional price point.

There were so many awesome creations showcased, it’s impossible for me to even begin to give each artist due credit in such a short amount of words, so I invite you to check them out and follow their work by viewing the full list of exhibiting artists at this link

Huge appreciation to Dolly, the organiser, and brainchild of the CAPUG concept, for such great efforts and curation skills…an artist in his own right and truly championing his peers; an impressive contribution to the collective. Big thanks to James at the Coastguard for offering such a fantastic space!

So: art lovers, buyers, and investors don’t hesitate to add CAPUG’s next event date to your diaries: Brighton North Lanes 23 of October till the 3 of November 2019…I’ll see you there!

Love Laura


Keep an eye out for my new business launch in Southsea Folk mag’s September issue…exciting times!