Earth To Oven

An explosion of flavour in each mouthful is how Earth To Oven is described on the website and that is actually quite an accurate quote! Being passionate about creating flavourful food that is inspired by world cuisine and British produce is something that Alfie and his team take very seriously!

But where did it all start? Chatting to founder and chef Alfie, he said he always loved food and really got into it at university. Deciding to travel around the world was the next step that kickstarted his love of intense flavours. Exploring the depths of East Asia brought Alfie to New Zealand and he soon found himself cooking for large groups on the Abel Tasman National Park which gave him the chance to gain experience in catering on a chilled level as the food was always presented in a laid back way. Coming back to England, he spent time in Bristol and served fine dining food but his heart was with the travelling experiences and the incredible food that came with it and he decided to start experimenting with fermented pickles and making his own sourdough for friends and family. From that moment, Alfie decided that he didn’t want to work in a high-end restaurant, he wanted to serve the best flavours in a street food style and this is where Earth To Oven began.

Right from day one, Alfie knew that he wanted to work with seasonal produce and use all their intense flavours at their peak. He said “We source as locally as we possibly can at Earth to Oven. Supporting local businesses is the best way to give back to our community and it also reduces our environmental impact by reducing transportation costs. We love the whole independent vibe and reach out to support others in our community."

Bringing unique flavours and texture to the flatbreads served up from the truck offers a real depth and a superb experience. If you haven’t seen the E.T.O truck yet then all I can say is it has a distinctive steel shepherd hut style that stands out just as much as the food. Last year, Alfie spent time throughout the Summer on the seafront in Southsea and this year the truck is down at the Love Southsea market, so with the Summer vibes on the way it means you can drop down there and experience the delightful food for yourselves!

One thing Alfie wanted to do was build a team to help him and he hired Ollie whose passion for coffee is as exciting as Alfie’s desire to combine explosive flavours. When the pair are together on the truck the atmosphere is electric as they both bounce off each other and love giving out a cheeky smile with good service!

Although E.T.O home is in Petersfield they regularly offer a new service to Portsmouth in the form of Pizza delivery and with a choice like Isle of Wight preserved tomato, shredded duck, Laverstoke mozzarella and British cheddar plus in house teriyaki sauce and toasted sesame you can see why one would get excited about this kind of food!

All I can say is look out for the truck and go down and try some of E.T.O food as I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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