Final Weaves

Alice from Vanderhume has been so busy this year working on her free workshops and encouraging the public to weave plastic and other materials to form a sculpture and create something that has a community feel to it as well as being put on display for everyone to see. The project has been made possible with funding from Arts Council England, Portsmouth City Council, and support from Hotwalls Studios and John Hansard Gallery.

The final part of the whole project is happening next weekend with an exhibition and final weave workshop FREE to all. You can read more about Alice and Vanderhume here.

The artist wanted to raise awareness of sustainable materials and build culture and community in Old Portsmouth at the Hotwall Studios. By weaving with recycled, upcycled, and ethical materials of textile, paper, plastic, and plants has given an opportunity to explore topics of plastic consumption, textile waste, and well-being through these craft practices.

Friday 17th, Saturday 18th, and Sunday 19th September – Interactive Weaves: An Exhibition on the Parade Ground and The Round Tower at Hotwalls Studios

An opportunity to see the final outcomes of Interactive Weaves exhibited together for the very first time. Explore the journey of this project and hear the stories of those involved through film, photography, and painted artworks. Free admission with the opportunity to join artist and curator tours and access a tutorial on how to make your own plant weave.

Sunday 19th September, 11am-4pm – Free Weaving Workshop by Alice Hume

Inspired by weaver birds’ nests, join Alice Hume for a free weaving workshop and the last opportunity to create the final interactive weave of the series. Watch artist Steve Dodd life-paint the day’s events outside on an easel.

Tuesday 21st September – Thursday 7th October- Interactive Weaves: An Exhibition at Portsmouth City Cathedral

The Interactive Weaves Exhibition will be touring to Portsmouth City Cathedral for those that did not have the opportunity to view it at the Hotwalls Studios’ Round Tower and Parade Ground. Another opportunity to explore the journey of this project and hear the stories of those involved. Free admission.

Find out more about Alice and Vanderhume below.

Photos by Alex Fountain