Flow II

The Jack House Gallery continue with their ART THROUGH GLASS window installations which started as a way to keep the life of the Gallery going during the Covid lock-downs and to bring some Art relief to precious daily walks. For this Art Through Glass window, they are pleased to showcase FLOW II which is FREE to view from the 5th February until the 12th March 2022, by artist cinematographer Adam Barker-Mill a piece developed from a larger version exhibited at the John Hansard Gallery in October 2021 during Southampton Film Week.

FLOWs I & II are a culmination of the light works that Barker-Mill has been developing since the early 1980s and uses a changing cycle of colours reflected onto a simple surface creating an intriguing & mesmerising flow of slowly evolving colour combinations. The cycle runs for 19 minutes and is by turns restful, hypnotic and surprising.

Barker-Mill's best-known work as a cinematographer is perhaps his collaborations with James Scott in the 1960s when they made films centring the then contemporary groundbreaking artists such RB Kitaj, David Hockney, Richard Hamilton & Claes Oldenburg but his cinematic work also includes 'The Great Rock n Roll' swindle with Julian Temple.

Speaking of his work Adam said “Working as a cinematographer trained my eye for the quality of light, the balance between artificial and daylight, the nuances of ambient light in a space, for ‘ambient’ really just means what’s there, whatever is around, the actual light itself, even moonlight. My understanding of how to use light comes out of that formative cinematographic experience – however different the end result."

The latest window exhibition is FREE to view while the Gallery is closed temporarily to prepare for future exhibitions. Please see below for more details on the gallery and future dates.