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Festival glitter has been around a while but it really does still hold a “wow” factor when it comes to festival fashion. I caught up with Ed from The Southsea Abode to see what he thought was going to be in style this year at our very own Victorious Festival. Ed is my hairdresser and owns the Southsea Abode which sits at the top of Albert Road. He’s going to have a stall at the festival all weekend called ‘Sparkle’ so if you’re feeling the party mood you can pop along and enjoy being glitter pampered for a while – let Ed and his team spoil you!

Last year seemed to be all about the glittery hair bun and that will carry on throughout this weekend. But other trends will include loose hair with glitter down the parting and braids with rainbow colours entwined inside. The great thing about going for a braid, especially the double dutch kind, means it can be prepped before your weekend starts and will still look just as hot come Monday morning. Low maintenance and such an easy way to be festival ready!

Loving glitter anyway, I let Ed style my face and give me some ideas whilst chatting about what his team will be focusing on. Ed said that gems are the hottest thing for this festival season; the bigger sizes will stand out whether on your cheekbones or above your eyebrows. There are a lot of pictures of girls wearing gems under their eyes which looks beautiful but Ed said he won’t be offering that as a service. It’s such a delicate area and you have to be very careful as to the kind glue and substances you put underneath your eyes. Big gems on the breastbone is a great focus too and will be very popular, especially mixed with a glitter edge.

Feathers are another must this year and Ed added these to my face first before adding glitter in a crescent shape. Because I was wearing black and green he said that he always likes to compliment the outfit the person is wearing, as it just finishes off a look. So to my face, black glitter was added and then silver which really complimented the green and yellow feathers I had as a base. Lovely big gems were then added as a statement finishing touch

Glitter to the shoulders will also be popular and would enhance any gems added to the collarbone or chest. For men, feathers and glitter can look just as hot as well as adding glitter to eyebrows and especially beards – who doesn’t love a glitter beard? There are so many ways to wear these kinds of accessories that everyone can join in the sparkly fun!

I loved the look I was left with and loved it, even more, when Ed said that he uses biodegradable glitter which means it is isn’t affecting the environment, something we can all be aware of.

If you want to be all glittered up before you turn up to the festival then Superdrug is a great shop to buy all your essentials. I have loved Barry M for a long time and this range still offers great quality with the fine glitter dust being my all time favourite! You can pop your latest eye colour on and then dab the dust over the top to make those eyes pop and really finish off your look. For the eco-conscious, you can now find a wide range of biodegradable glitters in stores and online.

Want to be a glitter god or goddess on the day?  You can see Ed and his team for some real festival flair – they’ll be in Market Way, right next to South Downs College stage near the D Day Museum.

Whatever glitter style you choose be sure to have fun and show off your festival photos 🙂 And don’t forgot to tag us so we can see with #southseafolk

By Louise O’Brien

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