Hack Pompey

‘Meet new people. Make something awesome’

Hack Pompey, what is it? and how can you get involved? Well, it is one of the biggest hackathons on the south coast and offers an exciting weekend where all kinds of people join together for two days to come up with innovative ideas and plans to make something they have been wanting to for ages and never got around to! From fashion to game jams, product design to architecture, the choice is yours as to what you want to be involved in. It’s completely free which is an added bonus and this year’s theme is sustainability. Offering this theme gives people a chance to think about how the design or build they make today will have an impact on their environment or community tomorrow.

Hack Pompey said “The number of areas this year’s projects might encompass is staggering. Improvements to recycling, mitigating food and water waste, making sure everybody has food on their plate and clean water to drink, clean air in our cities, sustainability in fashion, architecture, agriculture, banking, healthcare, retail, transportation, and the list goes on. We are so excited to see what captures the hearts and imaginations of our participants and what projects, large or small, they will create to make a difference.”

This innovative event is taking place over this weekend on the 2nd November and will happen Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 6pm both days at the University’s Future Tech Centre. There is no top prize for best idea, invention or product made which means if this is the first time you have thought about doing this the aim is to have a wide range of people from all walks of life learning new skills, having fun and creating something cool!

Volunteers will be on hand to help and advise so if you get stuck at all there will be a helpful face on hand to assist you. All you need to bring with you are your tools, craft supplies, pens and paper plus a laptop if you need one!

Hack Pompey has been on the go since 2014 and speaking to the directors over coffee they said that what makes this event a great success is collaborating with friends and family to create a team so they highly encourage you to bring a buddy or family member along if you can.

You can get more information by clicking on the website here.

By Louise O’Brien