Court X has a new exhibition called 'Synergy' starting on Friday the 29th of July with a preview 6pm – 8pm and then stays open until the 29th of August! Friday sees the artist PumPum welcome guests and a chance to view her artwork.

Court X said “The exhibition is composed of original artworks in acrylic on canvas and paper, a limited edition giclée prints, and three murals created on site for CourtX, this new collection marks another step in the artist’s aim to generate an oneiric space.

While her art has always portrayed nature, in “Synergy” PumPum celebrates the cooperation, beauty, and gratitude found in simple gestures. In this new collection, the artist develops a universe of characters who establish a harmonic relationship with the natural environment inviting the viewer to take a moment to meditate on the present, underlining care as an essential tool for collective wellbeing".

PumPum is a well-known artist creating street art in Buenos Aires and brings great talent in design and illustration across the city. Beginning in the early 2000’s, her work has always involved latex paint and brushes in a figurative, character-inspired muralism and draws inspiration from the likes of 'Hello Kitty'. Her work portrays peaceful images and is bound to uplift any human looking at her work!

Over the last 20 years, PumPum’s work has been characterised by her protagonists created with bold colour and clean lines. A graphic designer by trade, the artist creates murals and works on canvas, as well as unique illustrations and screen-printed series with the intention of generating small stories in the midst of the maelstrom of an often hostile city life.

Pop along to Court X which situates at Eastern Parade, Southsea (just where the tennis courts are behind Canoe lake). They have a restaurant there so you can prebook a meal and enjoy drinks to accompany your evening!

Also, Fark FK and PumPum have partnered up for a mural outside the Corner Collective, and it's dreamy! Make sure to have a look on your passing of the building.