Recovery Festival 2022

Portsmouth Film Society announces its 4th Recovery Festival which will take place on Thursday 10th until the Friday 13th November in Southsea. The programme is intended to be meaningful to those of you who have sought support for mental health issues, and those that have no idea about recovery, by raising awareness and celebrating people's ability to recognise their problems, have the bravery to come forward, talk about it, seek help and realise they are not alone whatever the problem.The highlights of the weekend are recovery films.  Working alongside Film Crew 4u, a local not-for-profit company, students from the University of Portsmouth collaborated to create films of people telling their recovery journey from the depths of despair, pivotal events that changed their lives, and their chosen paths to achieve a meaningful life and productive life. Aysegul Epengin, Director, Portsmouth Film Society said “Half of Portsmouth Film Society volunteers have been through recovery and/or have been dealing with mental issues. To be able to offer any help, it is very important to understand about their mental state and help them to try and find their journey of healing. As a charity the Society aims to serve our community as best we can with this festival a good example of this aim.” She said “Come along with friends and colleagues as we celebrate the ability of people and organisations to change by working together, or, to share your story and connect with organisations who provide services to the community for treatment, education and reskilling, employment, support for the homeless, and wellbeing options as innovative as equestrian therapy."

This year’s festival supported by Portsmouth City Council, Owl XL CIC is a Certified Social Business with Social Enterprise and Drop The Mask Productions CIC. Drop The Mask Productions CIC director Gregory White stated: “We have sponsored the event because of our passion for supporting persons with challenging mental health.” Paul Walsh an ex-professional footballer said “I am really looking forward to speaking at the opening of the Recovery Festival at the Kings Theatre in Portsmouth on Thursday 10 October 2022. I am grateful to share anything that may inspire others to find a recovery from whatever is stopping them from living their best life."

Gethin Jones  who is guest speaker at the Kings Theatre said “I am looking forward to supporting the Recovery Festival and sharing my experience. It is extra special and exciting as I am a local man and I have been both shunned and loved by this city. I was a product of the system, and the council was my corporate parent when I was growing up and I went to the same children’s home my mum left. My early experience and trauma came out in my behaviour and I spent 8 years in Prison, I had many detoxes at the old Nelson Unit, and also treatment centres in Portsmouth and Brighton. I always say I am Portsmouth born and bred, and was thrown out a few times but I kept coming back as I always saw Portsmouth as my home."

Film Crew 4u CIC is only possible thanks to Portsmouth Film Society: “As a recovering alcoholic volunteering at PFS I learned enough about filmmaking to start a community interest company, our  aim being to help people who are in similar situations that I had been in through telling their stories and learning the filmmaking process that they could pursue as a career or hobby. We work closely with PFS on their Recovery Festival and this year will be showing some of these films.

Things to look forward to are;

Kings Theatre on Thursday 10 November

6.30pm to 9pm Keynote Speaker: Paul Walsh, former Charlton, Luton, Tottenham, Manchester City, Liverpool, Portsmouth and England footballer.Recovery films: from Film Crew 4uGuest speaker, Gethin James, Unlocking Potential Limited Panel: Subject: What’s Happening in our City relating to Recovery.            Southsea Cinema & Arts Centre:The Recovery Festival continues throughout the weekend as it moves to the cosy Southsea Cinema with a variety of activities giving people a safe space to engage in conversions touching on pivotal moments in their lives, as well as what they and their organisations are doing to help people along their journey.  Guest speakers will be on hand to introduce films that have been selected to stimulate conversations and encourage further connections.

Friday 11 November6pm to 9pm Tattoo-related surprise film followed by discussion of what tattoos mean to you.Surprise Film (2018) 120min   Cert 15A young man is determined to create a new life for himself — if he can make it out alive.Saturday 12 November2pm to 5pm Art Therapy Session: “Pleasure of Scrabbling “ by Leyla Sabah ‘

6.30pm Panel: Domestic Abuse and Recovery Circle 7pm True Things (2021)  102min Cert 15A woman, bored with her uneventful life, meets a stranger who she soon becomes infatuated with. Elevated by its stars' magnetic chemistry, True Things mines complex, character-driven drama A refreshingly adult drama about infatuation and self-sabotage, True Thing leaves a strong impression, despite a disappointing endingSunday 13 NovemberFilm Introduction by Alan Rhoddan Senior Counsellor, A.N.A. Treatment Centres3pm Crazy Heart (2009)  112min Cert 15What keeps this indie drama just the right side of average is a brilliantly measured, Oscar-winning performance by from Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart transcends its overly familiar origins and finds new meaning in an old story. After the film, Q&A led by Toni Mason, Humanistic Counsellor, TLM Counselling Services

6pm Non-Substance Party (welcome to 16yrs and above)

 For more information and ticket purchases, visit the website here.