Fries Love

There is a new eatery that is situated where Harbour Coffee used to be, called Fries Love, just past Sainsbury’s on the corner walking past the train station. I went in to try some food as I love chips with so many things and was eager to try their menu. I wanted to see if I would love the food as much as I thought.

Fries Love was founded by Anna & Jack in 2018 and came to life in the seaside town of Bognor Regis. The name of the brand is inspired by the fact that almost everyone loves fries. The brand started as a potato-shaped, yellow colour food-trailer that worked its magic as an amazing attraction for any occasion. In May 2022, Fries Love expanded its love to Portsmouth and opened the restaurant in the city centre. Chatting to Anna she said “Fries Love is an independent family business inspired by street food, specialising in delicious fries, as well as Korean style corn dogs and wings, topped with house-made sauces, accompanied by cocktails, beer and wine. We love cooking and consider everyone when creating recipes, providing a wide range of vegan, vegetarian or meat lovers food, as well as no added gluten, dairy or other allergens. Our values are defined by simple words: People, Passion and being Positive. At the core of our business are passionate people spreading positive vibes."

Looking at the menu you can see influences from all across the world. I tried the ‘Tornado Potato’ which comes out all twisted and looks very impressive, being completely smothered with dusted paprika, it is like eating posh crisps which is a cool thing to try. I then decided to go for the Canadian poutine fries which were delicious which comprises of chips with cheese curds and deep gravy sauce. Standing out in a sea of fries was the Belgian section which offers Oriental Fusion and Mexican-style chips! I am looking forward to testing out the other options at this indie food heaven. There is a lot of love being given here to vegans as well as vegetarian options and I like that gluten-free has been given some thought too which makes the menu well thought through.

Celebrating new additions to the menu with Grilled Halloumi and Aubergine Katsu as well as Kimchee Slaw and Korean-style boxes, Love Fries are excited to share these new foods with their customers. The fact that we have an independent food hub going on in that little quarter of Portsmouth is fantastic news for indie food lovers. Natty’s Jerk Kitchen and Nosh Box are a stone’s throw away from Love Fries and making it a little foodie community in my eyes, which offers a chance for more foodie businesses to pop up there.

I can’t wait to go back with my friends and eat there as on a night out recently, we had a debate on what is best after a few drinks, Is it chips and gravy or cheesy chips? Well, you don’t have to argue at a place like this as there is plenty of choice for everyone’s taste.

Check out the socials below and pop in to try some new fries ideas!