Tai Chi Calm

I had the absolute pleasure of attending a Tai Chi class last Thursday at the Pyramids, run by Christian Lopez. From the moment I arrived Christian was so welcoming & so informative, he really knows his stuff & has a lovely calming nature. This was the first session of a beginner’s course, we went through some basic movements & breathing exercises. I can honestly say, this is the ONLY thing I have ever done that made me completely switch off & still my mind. Even during meditation my mind is racing, with the embarrassment of that time I stacked it on the dance floor 9 years ago, or how I fear I’ll spend my days a rocking, blubbering mess when my daughter moves out in 20 years’ time (actually I’ll probably run around screaming ‘I’m freeeeee’). I felt completely grounded on a mental & physical level. Ultimate serenity.

Hailing from 13th century China, the martial art of Tai Chi is a beautiful, almost hypnotic practice & one of the most effective exercises for health of mind & body. Although this art has great depth of skill & knowledge, with the right teacher the sequence of slow, fluid movements & breathing techniques is easy to learn & delivers many health benefits.

The Pyramids actually makes a great location as it was fantastic being able to look out to sea whilst taking part. One thing that surprised me was the physical effect of such slow movements, I could really feel my body stretching & working in a way it is just not used to (which isn’t entirely hard, I’m pretty lazy in the exercise front) even my legs were shaking by half way. Do you think Tai Chi is just for your Gran? Think again!

I came away feeling so positive & immensely chilled, which is so rare for me (unless I’ve had more than a few vino’s). Could this be the perfect calm in modern day society? I truly think so. I’ll most definitely be going back, I highly recommend you give it a try too.

Tai Chi classes at the Pyramids are on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s at 5pm, £6.80 each or free for members. Christian teaches Tai Chi in other locations & other classes too, check them all out on this website

Cristian is an experienced teacher with a unique understanding of the Western & Chinese Internal health & Martial arts. After many travels to the Taoist Monasteries of Wudang Shan the birthplace of Tai Chi , he founded in the year 2000 the first Wudang Internal Arts school in the UK & has hosted events taught by world-renowned martial arts masters. In 2017, this same school continues under its new name of the Five Elements Academy.

Cristian Lopez (Daoist name “Wu Dao”) has over thirty years of experience in the Internal martial & healing arts, including Tai Chi, Tui Na (Chinese massage) Sports Massage therapy,

Qi gong, Nei gong (Breathing, Grounding, Sensing, Balancing Body methods), Meditation (various systems of Meditation to access the mind & body)

Rei Ki , Dao Yin Yoga & other Chinese Internal health arts.

Cristian has devoted his life to helping others less fortunate. For most of his life he has worked with refugee children, through drama therapy & Chinese internal health arts. Cristian has also worked with vulnerable adults (physical rehabilitation & substance misused), health industries, the NHS, schools, colleges, university sports centres, & cultural centres around the UK & abroad.

Check him out!

Five Elements Academy 

By Vicky Heard