Aid For India

Aid For India: We’re Raising Funds to Help India Breathe

LANO will be donating 50% of all proceeds over two weeks to the Hemkunt Foundation. Whether you’re practicing in-person with us at LANO Outback or Online, you are contributing to life-saving aid in India.

The Hemkunt Foundation is providing oxygen relief to those suffering with life-threatening COVID-19. We urge you, if you can make a donation, please offer financial support in this time of emergency and help India breathe.

We take from India, whether that be from the goods we buy and the culture we consume, to the spiritual practices we engage with and the yoga we hold so dear to us.

Right now, India that gives so much, is in crisis. It is of the utmost importance that those who can help, do.

Relief for a humanitarian crisis on the scale that India and its people are experiencing requires global responsibility. Many whose lives are at risk form COVID-19 are being condemned to death because of a lack of resources. Those who require life-saving intervention are faced with the price of mortality as ventilators, hospital spaces, and oxygen supplies are unavailable when it matters most.

It is paramount that we at LANO Yoga stand up and support India as it's faced with this devastating humanitarian emergency. Every human walking this earth should have access to oxygen: the basic human right to breathe.

Together, we are supporting the Hemkunt Foundation with donations from our students and teachers. From Arundhati Roy, 'Oxygen is the new currency on the country's morbid new stock exchange – and what we are witnessing is “a crime against humanity”’⁠. LANO hopes to make a difference, helping those right at the centre of India’s surge of COVID-19 to do life-saving work, ensuring people can keep healing.

Yoga teaches us the importance of unity – so we must unite.

To join us for LANO outback (which is £10 for an hour session) you can meet us at the Portsmouth City Museum gardens at the back of the building.

Classes can be booked in the normal way through Mindbody using the app and the website. The timetable is variable so join us on Facebook or Instagram for updates… including the weather! If you do pop along please bring a warm blanket, maybe a jacket as we all know the beautiful sunshine is great at the moment but it has been cold!

TO DONATE – practice with LANO Yoga, donate any amount using PayPal via our link, or directly to the Hemkunt Foundation.⁠ 

Thank you,