Broadway Coffee Roasters

Broadway Coffee Roasters is a new concept that came from the idea of using the space at Bear Studios on Highland Road and turning it into a coffee roaster. Offering a gallery space where the community who love to purchase the coffee (or even want to try it for the first time) can visit and enjoy the atmosphere, look around at the gallery wall space and take in the scenery of independent artists that might reside on the walls.

Speaking to the founder Duane who has been at this studio space a long time, he said that he has always loved coffee and has become a bit of an enthusiast, venturing around the great coffee shops that Portsmouth has to offer. When he thought about it he said that there hasn't been a local coffee roaster in Southsea providing local coffee beans and although there are a few great ones in Hampshire they are positioned away from the island. With how the UK has embraced the coffee culture from other places like New Zealand over the last 5 years, and especially how Southsea and Portsmouth have a coffee culture boom he really wanted to try and create a business that can support the local community as well as the local coffee shops we have dotted around.

Having all these great ideas for setting up a business in lockdown can be tough as Duane and his business partner Toby have found out because the shops and places they would look to supply coffee to have been closed for the national lockdown. This hasn't deterred their spirits, in fact, it gives them time to work on the gallery and where the business might venture towards while we are in a quiet period of time.

Speaking of the name Broadway, Duane said he had been researching about that part of Highland Road and found out that Broadway used to be the name given to that stretch of road and it used to be a thriving place that had an array of shops dotted along with everything you needed without having to venture into the city. Over time this row of businesses has changed and Duane wants to help by bringing more of a focus on that stretch which would involve a refurbishment where there can be cool shops again as well as maintaining the wonderful established businesses that are still there.

Duane's vision to preserve a once-thriving street is admirable and I hope he manages to achieve this status as any improvements we can have which encourages a community spirit and way of attracting more independent cool ventures into one area is good for our area and city.

Although some of Broadway Roasters plans are put on hold, you can order some fresh coffee from the website and also subscribe where you receive coffee when you need to fulfill that coffee addiction! You can visit The Southsea Deli where you can buy the coffee by the bag as Dan is happy to support a new indie venture. There will be places stocking this range of coffee when we are out of lockdown and able to go back to socialising, go back to sitting in a coffee shop to take in the aroma of this wonderful bean. For now, go to the website to find out more. Go to the podcast to listen to Duane and his story with coffee but more importantly go and support a new independent, a local creative bringing something new to Southsea!