Coastal Remedy

Coastal Remedy is approaching its first birthday soon and I met owner Becky to talk about her journey, especially during 3 lockdowns and at a time when shops have had to close to help keep the pandemic under control. If you haven't been yet, Coastal Remedy sits on Marmion Road and is a wonderful shop that not only draws you in with the wide range of products it has for sale (from wellbeing to travel, lifestyle and yoga) but also with its easy atmosphere, a place you could get lost browsing in under normal circumstances

Becky wanted to own a shop that would sell products she could resonate with and want to buy for herself. Having suffered from an autoimmune condition all of her adult life, she has been on a journey to achieve the best health she can and along the way has found what works for her; a way of life that includes self-care, exercise, having great books to read as well as meditation and relaxation. These factors have all played a key part in Becky's life and she wanted to incorporate all these personally important things into her shop. Sustainability is also something Coastal Remedy wanted to actively promote and so offers vegan, cruelty, and plastic-free products as well as natural and organic beauty brands.

Having left her old job behind in the big city, Becky said she has never been happier. Taking time out to really work on wellness and how she could get the best out of the shop, she said she is so grateful to leave a stressful job and discover lovely ways to help people find balance and wellness in their lives with the carefully curated products she sells. We both talked about how when you walk into a well-designed, independent shop that the feeling you get inside is just as important as the products themselves.

The result of Coastal Remedy is a relaxing space with an old record player in the corner playing nice music, books you would want to read as well as pop on your coffee table to look at, cool prints to display at home or send as gifts, self-care products like nice oils, skincare, candles, comfy blankets, and even lovely tea. You could wander in here and find a nice present for a friend or family member without breaking the bank, but then there are specialised items like the high-quality Yoga range available for the Yoga fans out there! The space inside the shop is light and airy so you have plenty of room to browse each section and find what you’re looking for.

Closing for 7 months out of the last year as a business has been tough but it has been Becky's approach and how she has adapted that has kept the shop going. Offering a click and collect service means Coastal Remedy is staying busy and the website allows customers to browse and buy online, with FREE delivery to PO4 and PO5 areas.

My favourite things I have bought so far are a print for my bathroom and some lovely tea, but I have tons of things on a wish list and thankfully with my birthday around the corner I might get something!

I asked Becky to choose 5 things out of her shop that she loves and would buy time and time again, this is what she picked…..

1. Shakti Acupressure Mat; the stimulation of pressure points unblocking congestion, creating a feeling of energy flow and circulation around the body which is deeply relaxing – £49

2. Blasta Henriet Eye Pillow; helps soothe tired eyes, relieve migraines and deepen your relaxation – £17

3. Positive Planner; a guided journal to help support mental health, encouraging self-care, gratitude & positivity – £20

4. Tisserand Sleep Better Pillow Mist; helps relax you & get you ready for a good night’s sleep – £10.20

5. Tisserand Bergamot Diffuser Oil; uplifting & helps soothe emotions – £6.80

It will be amazing when we can all go out shopping and browse around the wonderful independent shops we have in Southsea in person. But until then browsing the website and supporting Coastal Remedy online, whether that be for yourself or your loved ones, is a lovely thing to do.