Little Old Goose

I’m really inspired by people who are not just living their lives but ‘curating’ their lives. I know it sounds a bit ‘way out’ but people who follow their true calling and take time to make their souls happy. I met Lucy Davies at a wedding fair in Winchester a few years ago and she came back onto my radar last year when I was planning an event and I realised she lived in Southsea. Lucy is a modern calligrapher, chalkboard and lettering artist and her business is called Little Old Goose. It started out as a blog but naturally evolved into the perfect platform for Lucy’s creative projects. Her lettering services are great for weddings (signage, table plans etc) and her chalkboards work really well for menus etc in restaurants, cafes and pubs. Lucy ran a brush lettering workshop at my event in November (The Wonderous Wedding Fair), it was brilliant to offer visitors something creative to do alongside making flower crowns with Jo Wade (The Little Florist) and her workshop area was just next to the tearoom that was run by Ginger & Peach and expertly styled by another local business (Lo & Behold Bespoke). Brush lettering is something all generations can enjoy so it was brilliant to see brides-to-be concentrating hard and having a lovely afternoon with their bridesmaids and families. Not only does Lucy offer workshops at wedding fairs but she holds regular events in Southsea and beyond. Last year she even ran a workshop in Copenhagen and this year she has one planned in her hometown of Leicester. In Southsea her location is Restaurant 69. The class is perfect for beginners; it starts with the basic strokes, shapes and drills, then develops into letter forms, numbers and words. There’s plenty of guidance throughout and you end up with a lovely phrase for your final piece. You get your own brush, a pot of Indian ink and guide sheets to take home. Daytime workshops include tea and coffee and evening workshops can include a glass of wine (although perhaps not the best idea if you’re trying to keep a steady hand!) Lucy remarks how lovely it is to see people immersed in their project. The only time they’re using their phones is to take a picture of their masterpiece or to look for inspiration for their quotes. “It’s a great mindful activity” explains Lucy: “while you’re concentrating on getting the letters right, you’re not thinking about anything else”.

As a day job Lucy runs a quirky little tearoom on Hayling Island with her husband Harry. She’s always worked in hospitality and both her and Harry have previously managed local establishments in Southsea. She loves running The Mad Hatters Café but as it’s so seasonal it can be stressful making it work financially. Lucy and Harry laugh when people think it’s such a ‘chocolate box’ lifestyle. Alongside cooking in the tearoom Harry’s passion is wine (a man after my own heart). He makes it his business to continue learning about the wine industry and he’d eventually like it to be his career.

When they’re not creating, or cooking (or swilling wine) they love walking on the beach with their dog Rudi and their favourite places in Southsea include 6oz Burgers, Sakura and Sopranos.

Lucy welcomes bespoke projects whether that’s a planner for your office or a personalised gift for a loved one. She offers gift vouchers too which make a lovely present for a creative friend.