Men and Yoga

Men: Movement, Mindfulness, and making Yoga work for You

It’s a common misconception that yoga is just for women who can touch their toes and fold themselves into pretzel-like shapes. Although yoga studios are often seen as female-dominated environments, yoga is for everyone; men and women of different shapes, sizes, abilities and from all walks of life.

LANO’s director Neil and his business partner Karl originally crafted LANO Yoga as a space to make time for yourself; to focus on your personal wellbeing in an environment that is suitable for all, so that all who pass through our studio doors can experience the potential benefits that yoga can provide.

Our growing community sees a wide range of yoga practitioner pass through our Southsea studio. From Naval Officers, members of Portsmouth Football Club and those who undertake intense levels of physical training, to University students, varied working professionals, fathers, sons, and husbands. The men who represent LANO Yoga shows that yoga is no longer considered to be just for women by our western standards.

As a supplementary exercise to playing sports, manual handling and fitness training, yoga can be beneficial for increasing flexibility and strength. By taking the body through new rages of movement and exploring un-habitual movement patterns, yoga can also aid in undoing the stiffness and repetitive strains caused by working at a desk or over a computer screen. As well as the opportunity to explore new kinds of bodily awareness, identify and improve upon areas of weaknesses, and overcome new challenges in a safe environment, the yoga studio can be a space to practice tools for better dealing with the stresses and challenges of everyday life.

Your own physical and personal development are for you to uncover when you expand your comfort zone and experience your first yoga class. LANO Southsea provides a range of class styles from powerful and dynamic, to gentle and restorative. Suitable for all ages, bodies, and levels of experience, there is a yoga class ready to kick-start your yoga journey and keep you coming back to the mat for more.

Putting yourself out of your comfort zone is the first step towards discovery, new experiences, and lasting change. So if you’ve been considering trying out yoga and you’re unsure where to begin, whether you’ll fit in, or what the benefits might include, then come along and say hello. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and on to your mat at LANO Southsea.

By Lila from Lano Yoga

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