Neu Waves First Wave

The first wave is finally here…

Tonight is the first night of a new alternative, forward-thinking live music club night; ‘neu waves’. Neu waves is the start of a new era for live music in the city and the promotion of our creative scene. 

A passion project born out of lockdown and a desire to bring together the local community and creative scene, neu waves offers a 3 to 4 band lineup each Thursday, with local DJs from Calamity Cratediggers, Missing and Unmade Radio. Each will bring an array of talent and interesting live artists to The Loft, Portsmouth. As promoters with a similar taste in music, Sam and I bounce off of each other’s ideas and together the planning process is really creative and enjoyable! We’ve shared a lot of new music with each other and have handpicked lineups for each month, not just to bring the bands we love to the city that we call home, but celebrate and showcase up-and-coming local talent. Our goal from the start was to bring together the creative community, and as such, we are proud to have partnered with Southsea Sound who are sponsoring all of our events and providing us with sound equipment. 

We’ve used neu waves as an opportunity to discover new music and take a chance on interesting, forward-thinking artists who don’t usually get a chance to play in a city like ours. Inevitably, there are always going to be fans of a particular style of music or band, and we hope to be able to have a club night that gives people a chance to discover their new favourite artists and explore new genres. In the future, we hope that neu waves will become a community and scene itself.

The first wave commences this week on Thursday 9th September and is the first of many lineups to come. We wanted to give you an insight inside the first wave and shine a spotlight on the lineup of the neu waves #1….


Opus Kink may be many things, including “horn-fuelled filth-funk, where punk and jazz combine in grimy circumstances”. A collective from Brighton, Opus Kink’s music is infectious and genre-defying. With raucous guitar pop, horns, and a whole lot of energy live, it’s a pleasure to bring them to Portsmouth. Reminiscent of The Libertines with horns and jazz guitars, this band is definitely one to watch…. 

You can listen to their latest track ‘This Train’ HERE


Hailing from Bristol, west country boys Langkamer write “rustic rock gems that sound centuries old, but nevertheless radiate something fresh and unique”. Catchy, with a country twang and singalong lyrics, their track ‘Humdinger’ is infectiously boppy and we can’t wait to have a boogie to this at the launch night.

Listen to their track ‘Humdinger’ HERE


Portsmouth punk band Horseflies, boast an array of material over the past few years, including EP ‘Lucidity’ and ‘These Halls Are Haunted Now’. We’ve seen the band play numerous times over the years, and their live show is quite something, with dynamic sets that do not disappoint. The band have been recording at Blacksmiths recording studio, so their set promises some new material, for the first time live in 18 months!

You can listen to a favourite track of ours ‘Decaydream’ HERE


A promising new project comprised of locals Samuel Lee Diaper and Elliot Feltham, the two piece take inspiration from a range of genres, and are almost a secret until the first wave for us. With no released material yet, their material will be debuted at neu waves, and we believe that is something pretty special to be a part of. Being big fans of Samuel Lee Diaper’s 2020 solo EP ‘Young Kingfisher’, it’s to be expected that ‘Making Eyes’ will be a stellar support for the launch night, and a local one to watch. 

Neu waves #1 is FREE ENTRY if you sign up to our mailing list HERE 

Details of our other upcoming shows can be seen on our FB page or Instagram so check out the icons below for more deets.

More info on Southsea Sound and what they have to offer can be found HERE 

Thanks to Southsea Folk for the opportunity to write about neu waves, and you can be sure more neu waves focuses and highlights coming soon…


By Ella from Missing.