Thank You

The new website is LIVE and of course, none of it would be real if you hadn't been such a lovely bunch of folk supporting this journey in getting to the here and now! I honestly didn't think this time would come because the virus has hit our community in so many ways: Affecting jobs, health and just being able to communicate has had to change so much!

Seeing the comments that people posted about how much they loved Southsea Folk really kept me going. Offering a new, fresh look allows people to explore the news and cultural things happening locally and engage more easily in what is going on.

From that moment in May, asking for help, so much has changed in our community. Wearing a mask has become the norm, businesses closing and then opening and then praying that they don't have to close again has all been on the agenda. Also trying to work while dealing with corona. Working on the podcast has been tricky as we always recorded in one room and now, we record from our own homes but that doesn't matter as long as we can still get the stories out to you. Making you smile and giving you something to listen to has been our goal since March.

The struggles of this virus have been very real. Perseverance has played a key part in this whole process of working on the new site but it is worth it to be able to offer a brighter, fresher approach to the website. The importance of community has really shone through because of Covid and continuing to support and connect our wonderful island of creators, makers and independents is even more vital than ever. I hope the new websites continues making that happen.

As we go into Winter, I will be covering everything I can from music and what is happening locally to art and cultural things going on around Portsmouth. My sidekick John will be helping me bring heart-warming podcasts to sink your ears into and I will be working on lovely projects with local photographers and videographers in the area alongside my resident talented team Bille Rae and Johnny 🙂

Look out for more Instagram takeovers and ways I will be acting creatively to bring you news and highlights of Southsea and Portsmouth!

If there is anything you would like to see on the website, or any guests you would like to hear on the podcast please drop me a message at

Stay safe this Autumn and stay well

Love Lou x