Well With Samantha

When I was networking before the pandemic, I met Sam who is a brilliant yoga teacher and offers classes here in Southsea as part of her business Well With Samantha.

I caught up with Sam recently and found out that she is doing yoga classes at 6am every Wednesday on Eastney beach just where the Coffee Cup is. I was so intrigued by this I decided to find out a little bit more about the yoga practices that Sam does plus see if I can be energetic enough to turn up for a session. In all honesty, it might be a bit too early but I guess I could give my body a shock and be like yes I can drag myself out of bed for an amazing view of the beach, listen to the sea, and then do something mindful and empowering, all before I start my working day!

Sam started out as a beauty therapist, loving beauty and wellbeing from a very early age! Now teaching Power Yoga and Yoga Flow, Sam spends her time doing in-person classes in Chichester, Havant & Southsea.

I asked Sam what she loves about her job and she said “I absolutely LOVE teaching Power Yoga, with chilled Yoga flow (or Vinyasa) a close second. I'm always theming my classes because I love learning about the traditions of Yoga and sharing what I learn with my students. I'm known for bringing a sense of fun to my classes and creating a safe place for people to move in a way that feels good for them and good for their own body.

The thing I love about Sam and her business is that she gives out good energy. Loving her blog posts, I feel inspired to follow her journey and I think it is fab that she is doing YouTube videos and also offering a WELL membership for people that want to do her classes every week and get value for money. You can like and subscribe to Sam's YouTube channel if you enjoy these kind of practices. By sharing a new Yoga practice, Pilates or Barre workout every week means Sam is really flexible in that some people like to physically have an instructor at a class and some people like to practice their moves at home. There is also an option of pre-recorded content such as pranayama practice, Yoga Nidra & Restorative Yoga, for example.

In her latest blog post, Sam talks about 'Spirals In Nature' where the spirals a rose makes as it blossoms in the sun is so beautiful and has texture and depth but also allows us to think of spirals in lots of ways. Visualising spirals in our breathing right through to the spirals we can create on the yoga mat during one of Sam's sessions offers a chance to connect with nature and with ourselves. I love how this wellness teacher goes into depth about how spending time appreciating nature around us is very meditative and mesmerising. It just feels like more than a class, it feels like a positive force and way to connect with oneself and be part of an inspiring yoga community. 

If you would like to join a class on Southsea beach on a Wednesday morning then please contact Sam on her socials or rock up and enjoy the sunshine vibes on your skin. You get your first class free using the code “FIRSTFREE".

Next Wednesday the 13th July sees Well With Samantha bring an entire day of yoga to Southsea! I asked Sam why she was doing this day and she said “Lots of people are not going abroad right now and I wanted them to feel like they have had a holiday. I have created a day of yoga filled with meditation and chilled vibes so people can spend as little or as much of the day together as they wish. 

Join the Yoga day and be a tourist in your own city by visiting places you have been meaning to but not had a chance to explore. If you don't want to take a day off work and have the chance to work from home you could join others and work from the Coffee Cup in between the 3 classes on offer. You could add sea swims, SUP sessions and lots of beverages into your day too. 

The line up is 

6am -7am Sunrise Beach Yoga

12noon -1.30pm Midday Yoga and meditation in Southsea Rose Garden.

6pm – 7pm Sunset Beach Yoga 

You are welcome to join all 3 classes or just one and experience the chilled flow of the day.

There are always cool deals for joining as a member so look out for those and check out Sam's website either through the Southsea Folk website or following the links below.

You can also catch Sam as a special first guest on the upcoming updated Southsea Folk podcast!